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Designed for: football clubs
Cost per quarter: 199.99 GBP

  • complete access to all countries/clubs/players
  • no banner adverts
  • full technical and customer support via e-mail
  • + player contract end dates (if available)
  • + extended player playing records (one year rather than three months)
  • + league career records include bookings and substitute appearances (where available)
  • + total games/goals for each club on league career record
  • + date of birth and age stated rather than just age
  • + international caps and goals (with date of debut/last cap)
  • + indication of EU national
  • + agent's name and contact details (if available)
  • + club results from previous seasons
  • + club statistics from previous seasons
  • + club transfers from previous seasons
  • ++ international squads (last 24 months)
  • ++ international tournament squads (World Cup etc.)
  • ++ international statistics (by year with archive)
  • ++ international results/fixtures
  • ++ player international playing records
  • +++ player shortlist facility - maintain shortlists (e.g. available right-backs) and view/print/edit/delete as required
  • +++ input/edit/view/print/delete report sheets - player match reports which include full team line-ups and your own player comments
  • +++ input/edit/view/print/delete scout reports - club match reports which include full team line-up, your own player comments, set piece and formation diagrams and your own analysis of the club (strengths/weaknesses etc.)
  • +++ player database search - allowing you to search by age, nationality, height, weight, contract etc.
  • +++ all player comments from report sheets or scout reports are included on a player's profile page and can only be viewed by your users
  • +++ player comments can also be added directly to the profile page to cover non-match information, e.g. wage, agent, personal or medical information
  • +++ an option to limit a user to 'scout' access (so they can only view their own reports/comments) instead of 'full' access
  • +++ full technical and customer telephone support
  • +++ as soon as a scout has entered a report it will be instantly available to any authorised user (e.g. manager, chief scout or chief executive)

  • Samples
    Database searchENG/ESP/GER/FRA international Gk's under-30, height >1.85m
    input search | view search results
    Match report23-Mar-2004, Milan-Deportivo
    input match report | view match report
    Team report31-Jan-2004, Leicester City-Aston Villa
    input team report | view team report
    ShortlistEuropean CB's under-24
    view shortlist
    Player report3-Mar-2004, Newcastle United-Vålerenga